How does this work?

Buying a poster here

Here, for $4.99 you can buy a PDF file that you can print. The whole process of buying and downloading the file takes under a minute.

Immediately on payment confirmed, you will receive an Order Received form here in your browser window.

On that Order Received is a Download Link.

There are two ways to download your poster.

1. Preferred method: right-click on that Download Link and choose ‘Save As’

2. Alternate method: a left-click on that Download Link will display your poster within the browser window. To actually download the poster, let your mouse icon hover over the browser window until a menu appears with a download icon.

Can I trust this?

Note the https in the site address: this is a secure site. Your credit card / pay pal transactions are protected.

Full size samples

Samples may be viewed /downloaded here. Please note that portions are obscured to protect copyright.

Versions and Formats/Sizes

The poster comes in two versions and in two formats/sizes.


One version has all the biases listed in one column. The other version has them listed in five columns. You choose which you prefer.


Depending on where you live or want to print the poster, in Europe or North America, you choose whether the A1 format/size or the 24 X 36 inch size is better.

Your name is printed on the poster

This is to protect copyright. Have a look at the full-size example here to see how it will look.

How come there are no comments or reviews here?

I see no need for them. Please have a look at the full-size samples: what you see is what you get – less the obscured portions in the samples, of course.

Why sell a file and not an actual printed poster?

The costs to print and mail you the poster would be needlessly high. In North America it would be $30+ , in Europe €20+.

It is much cheaper for you to print the poster locally. you can choose where, when and how you want it printed. A digital print from a business printing shop is ideal. See typical prices below.

Another advantage: because the file is in vector format you can print it at any size without loss of resolution. With reasonable eyesight you can read even a 11″ X 17″ version of the poster – cost approximately 50 cents.

Contact John

I can be reached at

If you make a boo-boo ordering I will fix it. You’ll receive the size and version of the file that you wanted in the first place.

Suggestions where to print your poster





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